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Multistage Pump - MP1100-VSD - Pumps & Pressure

Multistage Pump - MP1100-VSD

Product Code: mp1100-vsd Category: Pumps & Pressure

The MP range of Multistage pumps are efficient at producing pressure due to the multiple impellers which combine to increase the water pressure. A specially designed inbuilt check valve, raised suction port and unique impeller and diffuser shape make the MP pump exceptionally good at purging air from the casing.

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The MP Multistage Pump with the Variable Speed Drive (VSD) delivers water when required at a constant pressure by changing the motor speed. The three phase motor responds to a change in electrical frequency from the controller by speeding up or slowing down the revolutions, enabling the pump to supply more or less water. When less water is required the motor slows down using less electricity, saving energy and reducing cost.

The system operating pressure can be changed on the VSD to suit the installation requirements and reduce pressure fluctuations.

The VSD is protected from high and low voltage caused by fluctuating mains power from irregular supply or high demand instances. Loss of Prime protection senses a drop in operating pressure and turns the pump off when there is no water.

Ideal for installations where the water demand varies considerably such as houses with garden watering, commercial irrigation and industrial applications.

MP Range Performance


Model Specification Table

Model Watts Volts Amps IP Rating Inlet/Outlet Shaft Seal Temp Fluid
MP600 600 220-240 4.8A IP55 32/25mm Carbon Ceramic 65°c
MP750 750 220-240 6.0A IP55 32/25mm Carbon Ceramic 65°c
MP1100 1100 220-240 7.5A IP55 32/25mm Carbon Ceramic 65°c
MP1100-415 1100 415 2.8A IP55 32/25mm Carbon Ceramic 65°c



  • Adjustable operating pressure
  • Loss of Prime Protection
  • High & Low Voltage protection
  • LED control interface
  • MP1100 Hydraulic performance


  • Variable application requirements
  • Constant Pressure
  • Energy Effi cient
  • Easy to install
  • Durable construction

Technical Details

  • Watts - 1100 Watts
  • Mains Power - 220V 50Hz 1-Phase
  • Motor Power - 220V 50Hz 3-Phase
  • Tank - 2 Litre
  • Amps - 7.5A
  • IP Rating - IP55
  • Inlet/Outlet - 32/25mm
  • Shaft Seal - Carbon Ceramic
  • Temp Fluid - 65°C

Additional Information


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