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Centrifugal Pumps – CP710 - Farm & Irrigation

Centrifugal Pumps – CP710

Product Code: CP710 Category: Farm & Irrigation

The CP range of centrifugal pumps produces a high volume of water for wash down, water trucks, reticulation or general water transfer. The casing and motor body are made from cast iron for strength and durability. A glass fi lled nylon impeller delivers high volume because it has a high performance vane shape and smooth surface to reduce turbulence and increase efficiency.

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The CP710 combines the high volume of centrifugal pumps with increased pressure by using the large diameter jet pump impeller. The pump can be used as an automatic water pressure system with the MassControl or a mechanical switch.

When using a pressure tank with the MassControl the pressure tank should be plumbed down fl ow from the switch. A check valve is required on the outlet of the MassControl to prevent water surging between the tank and the MassControl spring diaphragm tank. This surging between the two tanks will activate the flow sensor of the MassControl which will keep the sensor on and the pump operating. See diagram. The CP710 is not recommended on installations with long suction lines.

On a mechanical switch system a pressure tank of at least 20 litres is recommended to reduce water hammering caused when the pump reaches the cut-in pressure and a large volume of water is delivered into the discharge pipe.

CP710 Performance

CP710 System


Model Specification Table

Model Watts Volts Amps IP Rating Inlet/Outlet Shaft Seal Temp Fluid
CP710 1500 220-240V 9.7A IPS5 50/40mm Carbon Ceramic 65°c
CP710 1500 415V 3.5A IPS5 50/40mm Carbon Ceramic 65°c


MassControl Features

  • CP Motor
  • Constant Pressure
  • Loss of Prime Protection
  • Easy to install swivel connector
  • Plug & Play electrical lead
  • Inbuilt check valve

MassControl Benefi ts

  • Ideal for Farm & Irrigation
  • No Maintenance or adjustments
  • Run dry protection
  • Anti-Cycling function

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