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Orange Pumps - Engineering Support

Engineering Support

Technical SupportWhen in doubt your Friendly Orange Pumps Agent will be able to advise you on the correct solution to your Technical Pumping Issue. These Engineering Pages include some useful installation tips, along with various technical information tables, that together will help with some of the calculations required to achieve good planning for your pump requirement.

Installation InstructionsInstallation Instructions

Suitable forDo-It-Yourself or Professional installation, it has never been easier, plumb the system into the piping, prime the pump, turn it on and the controller will do the rest. That's the theory ..... but a Professional can be worth every cent he charges. Click to view more details ...

Technical DataTables & Formulae

The various tables of facts & figures will give you most of the different technical data you will need to assist you in the various calculations necessary to properly plan a successful pump implementation. Click to view more details ...